James “Jim” Sokolove: Founder of Sokolove Law

Jim Sokolove founded Sokolove Law and always strove to help others and better his community. He was disgusted by the fact that many people were unable to pursue legal claims, even though they had been injured or made sick due to the negligent behavior of major companies. Sokolove Law was established to help those people. Today, Sokolove Law still stands to help victims of corporate negligence.

Meet Jim Sokolove

Jim Sokolove founded Sokolove Law with the goal to help people who were harmed by the careless — and often reckless — decisions and policies of corporations. After founding the firm, he went on to serve as its chairman for many years.

Law was in Jim’s blood since the day he was born. His father was also a lawyer, and they had a close relationship. Jim followed his father’s footsteps into law, graduating from Case Western Reserve University and the Suffolk University School of Law.

Early in his career, he served as a lawyer and volunteer community organizer for Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA). Jim also took his place at his father’s firm in the mid-1970s. This firm dissolved by the end of the decade, but Jim brought this legal experience with him when establishing his own firm: Sokolove Law.

Over time, Jim used innovative strategies, including legal advertising and partnerships with other firms, to bring Sokolove Law to national prominence.

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Jim Sokolove and the Sokolove Law Story

In 1979, Jim founded Sokolove Law in Massachusetts. With Sokolove Law, Jim continued to work toward his goal: to be an advocate of the people and to reach as many people as possible through advertisements.

Jim knew that thousands of people could be eligible for lawsuits. All too often, people who made honest livings got sick or injured when companies would cut corners to keep profits high.

On the other hand, he knew that most people did not realize that legal compensation was even an option to them. Therefore, major corporations could routinely abuse their workers without consequence.

Dennis, <span class='cite-title'>Mesothelioma Victim</span>
Dennis, Mesothelioma Victim

James Sokolove was the guy who originated taking care of people with mesothelioma.

This is where the now-famous television advertisements of Sokolove Law came into play. Jim’s ads for legal compensation first hit the airwaves in 1982. These commercials were among the first legal advertisements ever seen in the U.S.

The Power of Ads

Sokolove Law ads stood out for their straightforward and direct messages. Since most of their TV spots ran 30 seconds long, Jim had to communicate quickly to viewers.

With his simple language, Jim revealed that those who were injured could earn money by working with his firm. He also emphasized a toll-free phone call to Sokolove Law, which empowered viewers to take action.

Jim Sokolove

Some people ask, ‘how can he be a good lawyer if he has to advertise?’ The truth is, I’ve been able to advertise because we’ve been successful for our clients.

The success of the ads was unprecedented. As a result of the high case demand, Sokolove Law began partnering with other law firms to provide additional legal help to potential clients. This idea was almost unheard of at the time, but it provided a solution that helped everyone involved.

Partner law firms were vetted to make sure they had the right amount of knowledge and resources to handle new cases with the same quality as Sokolove Law. Through this process, those who were affected by illness or injury could still pursue a lawsuit and secure compensation.

Sokolove Law in the 21st Century

By the 21st century, Sokolove Law had become well-known throughout the New England area from the firm’s commercials, which aired prominently during prime-time and late-night television. But Jim did not stop there. He knew that Sokolove Law had the potential to help clients all over the country.

Jim and his team increased the reach of Sokolove Law by partnering with attorneys nationwide. As the internet grew into greater prominence, the firm also reached new audiences through online advertising. This organic growth allowed Sokolove Law to reach national prominence.

Today, Sokolove Law can work with people in all 50 states. Keeping true to its original mission, the firm also runs several online resource centers for victims of asbestos exposure, birth injuries, and nursing home abuse. The goal, as always, remains to help people who have been wronged and need support.

Sokolove Law Today

After his retirement in 2013, Jim left behind more than just his name.

Michael Skoler, <span class='cite-title'>Sokolove Law CEO</span>
Michael Skoler, Sokolove Law CEO

“Jim was, and still is, very much a father figure and mentor to me. I still strive to make Jim proud of the firm that bears his name.”

Sokolove Law has seen great success because it resisted the trends of regular firms. Jim’s advertisements helped thousands of people get legal and financial help. In the process, Sokolove Law invented a more successful way to run a law firm.

Jim Sokolove, <span class='cite-title'>Sokolove Law Founder and Chairman</span>
Jim Sokolove, Sokolove Law Founder and Chairman

“It’s amazingly rewarding work, and I consider myself lucky to have made it my business to help people. Along the way, we’ve helped to bring about some changes for the better in society.”

Those who succeeded Jim at Sokolove Law are committed to helping all people and innovating in the legal space.

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