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Elder Abuse Is Illegal.

Elder abuse is the physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect of senior or elderly persons. It is an under-recognized but growing problem that may occur anywhere: even the trusted homes and facilities you depend on for the care of your loved one.

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Elder abuse law defines such abuse as:

  • Physical abuse – use of force, intentionally or otherwise that results in bodily injury, physical pain, or impairment.
  • Neglect – the failure of the caregiver to fulfill his or her obligations or duties. The effects of neglect are displayed most often in the form of malnourishment and poor hygiene.
  • Emotional abuse – the use of verbal or nonverbal acts that instill fear or distress.
  • Sexual abuse – non-consensual sexual contact of any kind.
  • Financial or Material Exploitation – the improper use or theft of an elder’s money or property.

An Elder Abuse Lawyer May See What You Won’t:

An elder abuse lawyer will know the signs. The physical effects of elder abuse including- bruises, bed sores, disorientation – are often mistaken as the natural results of aging. This makes it difficult to recognize wrongdoing and explains why elder abuse often goes unnoticed. In addition, victims of elder abuse are unable to protect themselves from physical attack or sexual assault and are sometimes unable to tell family members that the abuse occurred. Four out of five elder abuse cases go unreported for these exact reasons. An elder abuse lawyer will be able to assist you in determining if you or your loved one has been a victim of abuse.

Institutional Elder Abuse Is Growing:

Elder abuse has continued to rise despite the increased scrutiny of assisted living facilities. One in four homes were cited for causing death or injury to a resident. If you notice that your loved one exhibits warning signs of abuse, take immediate action. An elder abuse lawyer will be familiar with the legal and emotional intricacies of institutional elder abuse and will work to assist you in your fight.

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